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Tom Blackett   |  14/05/2015

Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs – PART 2

Before I continue this blog let me first get clear that I do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs, I just find the topic and stigmas surrounding it fascinating and also questionable – I hope the read proves interesting and informative. Today I’m..

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Tom Blackett   |  20/04/2015

Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs (A Historical Context)

Hey Guys – As mentioned on my Facebook wall I’m going to be discussing performance enhancing drugs over the next few weeks/months.  I suppose the subject is a little more serious than my existing blogs however I’ve always found the topic fascinating.  Believe it or..

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Tom Blackett   |  13/10/2014

5 of the best green vegetables we should eat.

It’s no secret that vegetables (especially green vegetables) aren’t number 1 on everyone’s ‘favourite food’ list.  Let’s be honest, the majority of them taste horrible – especially broccoli which taste like a crunchy old fart!  However, despite my resentment towards greens, I do my best..

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Tom Blackett   |  12/08/2014

How to motivate yourself to exercise

After a long day at work why bother?  You’re tired, hungry, need to do your washing, see the family – the list goes on. It’s easy to see why so many people don’t exercise – because working a full time job can be fully exhausting…

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Tom Blackett   |  14/05/2014

First World Problems

We are living in a golden era of technology and advancement. However for the first time in history we are told that the next generation will die younger than their parents due to diseases such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions;..

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