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Tom Blackett   |  19/04/2016

Doping – The way of a cheat?

It’s time for another BLOG! Doping continues to be front page news, Maria Sharapova being another to recently fall foul of the World Anti Doping Agency’s strict agenda.  SO, here is my final article on the controversial topic that is drugs in sport! In this..

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Tom Blackett   |  23/07/2015

Doping – is it actually dangerous? If so then should it be banned?

RIGHT – I’m in a blogging mood! As mentioned at the end of my last post – today I’m going to drill into WADA’s suggestion that drugs pose a danger to an athlete’s health and should therefore be banned.  As usual I value your opinions and questions..

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Tom Blackett   |  21/07/2015

Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs, Attitudes and Stigmas!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last put out some content – At the moment I’m returning home from Austria after 5 days of hot sun and some relaxed eating so I’m in a productive mood. Again, today I’ll be discussing DRUGS in..

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Tom Blackett   |  14/05/2015

Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs – PART 2

Before I continue this blog let me first get clear that I do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs, I just find the topic and stigmas surrounding it fascinating and also questionable – I hope the read proves interesting and informative. Today I’m..

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Tom Blackett   |  20/04/2015

Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs (A Historical Context)

Hey Guys – As mentioned on my Facebook wall I’m going to be discussing performance enhancing drugs over the next few weeks/months.  I suppose the subject is a little more serious than my existing blogs however I’ve always found the topic fascinating.  Believe it or..

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