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Tom Blackett   |  01/12/2015

Sugar – can everyone calm down please?

Sugar is probably the most unfairly demonised thing ever – and it actually really annoys me.  For years it’s been blamed as THE main causes of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease in the developed world which quite frankly isn’t fair!  You know what the..

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Tom Blackett   |  26/10/2015

Are supplements really worth your money?

Fat burners, vitamins, omega tabs, testosterone boosters, pre-workout powders, nutri-greens, bulking supplements, cutting supplements, amino acids, super foods, creatine, glutamine, protein shakes… The list of sports supplements is endless, with protein shakes being the most popular purchase of the modern gym goer – but are..

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Tom Blackett   |  13/10/2014

5 of the best green vegetables we should eat.

It’s no secret that vegetables (especially green vegetables) aren’t number 1 on everyone’s ‘favourite food’ list.  Let’s be honest, the majority of them taste horrible – especially broccoli which taste like a crunchy old fart!  However, despite my resentment towards greens, I do my best..

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Tom Blackett   |  14/05/2014

First World Problems

We are living in a golden era of technology and advancement. However for the first time in history we are told that the next generation will die younger than their parents due to diseases such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions;..

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Tom Blackett   |  30/04/2014

Simple tips to lose weight

For those of you reading this who’s main aim is to lose weight – you’ll be pleased to know that it is the most straight forward of fitness goals and is often the most rewarding. You can lose fat far quicker than you can gain..

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