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Tom Blackett   |  26/12/2016

New year resolutions – Ultra Marathon

I am not an expert ultra marathon runner, nor expert marathon runner for that matter, however on July 29th, 2017, I will be attempting to complete a 100 mile race in 26 hours – the toughest fitness challenge I have ever attempted.  Given that we..

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Tom Blackett   |  13/10/2016

What is ‘being fit’?

What does being fit actually mean? Does it mean you can run faster or longer than everyone else? Or does it mean you can lift heavier weights than everyone else?  There are many different answers to this question and I’m about to give you mine…

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Tom Blackett   |  06/06/2016

Gluten Free – one fad to rule them all

In this blog, you will see me systematically tear down the fad that is the ‘gluten free diet’.  I genuinely went into this blog with an open mind and am (despite what you may think) very happily proved wrong.  However on this particular occasion it..

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Tom Blackett   |  19/04/2016

Doping – The way of a cheat?

It’s time for another BLOG! Doping continues to be front page news, Maria Sharapova being another to recently fall foul of the World Anti Doping Agency’s strict agenda.  SO, here is my final article on the controversial topic that is drugs in sport! In this..

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Tom Blackett   |  05/02/2016

Coconut oil – whats the chat?

Coconut oil is one of many products that comes with claims of extraordinary health boosting properties.  But is it really that good for you? or is it just ANOTHER disappointing product with a good marketing team. Lets break this stuff down. After an initial glimpse..

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