First World Problems

Tom Blackett   |  14/05/2014

We are living in a golden era of technology and advancement. However for the first time in history we are told that the next generation will die younger than their parents due to diseases such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions; all problems with the modern lifestyle and diet! Furthermore it is now a fact that 20-30% of the UK adult population is obese as a result of which as many as 30,000 people a year are dying prematurely.

But why are we an increasingly fat and unhealthy nation? Well the answer is simple – people are just consuming more energy than they expend.  With so many fast food restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores selling all those fatty, sugary and irresistible treats it’s easy to see why!  Many experts are even suggesting that our overconsumption of such foods isn’t even our fault and that we are no more gluttonous or slothful than our predecessors. The theory is that when it comes to appetite, we are at the mercy of evolution and the ‘thrifty gene’, which has primed us to eat whenever food is available (Cherill Hicks, Daily Telegraph 2014).  So now that virtually any food is constantly available how do we help ourselves?

Simply understand your daily caloric intake requirements and learn a bit more about nutrition.  Nowadays there are plenty of ways to increase your understanding in this field, so take some time and do some research.  It will help keep those extra inches off your waistline!

Here’s a few of my tips on junk food cravings:

  1. Avoid buying it in the first place. Avoid stocking your house with loads of fatty and sugary foods!  Limit your allowance!
  2. Find a healthier alternative to your favourite treats, e.g. try using turkey bacon as opposed to pork bacon: it’s lower in fat and still tastes great!
  3. Surround yourself with motivation.  Fill your surroundings with reminders as to why you shouldn’t eat that triple chocolate cookie sitting in your cupboard.  Why not put up photos of fitness models who have the body you want – it will make you think twice.
  4. Don’t immediately give in to the craving – take a moment to go over what you’ve eaten during the day then make your decision.
  5. Ask yourself whether you actually are hungry, don’t eat just for the sake of it.  Find ways of distracting yourself from comfort eating.

Good luck everyone!