Simple tips to lose weight

Tom Blackett   |  30/04/2014

For those of you reading this who’s main aim is to lose weight – you’ll be pleased to know that it is the most straight forward of fitness goals and is often the most rewarding. You can lose fat far quicker than you can gain muscle and consequently the visual results are always the most noticeable.

So heres a few of my tips to lose weight in a healthy fashion:


  1. Burn more calories than you eat.  It sounds almost patronising but its absolutely true.  Find out your daily caloric requirements and then figure out how much you should be eating. It is all calories in V.S. calories out. You could literally eat ice cream all day and lose weight provided you’re in a caloric deficit (don’t do this though!)
  2. Get a good amount of sleep. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep.  Studies have shown that when sleep deprived our hormone levels are affected negatively; our leptin levels decrease and our ghrelin levels increase – resulting in a slower metabolism.  A slower metabolism means calories aren’t burned as efficiently and consequently fat is stored easier.  You can also expect to see an increase in hunger which (given the fact that your metabolism isn’t running at full capacity) is hardly a desirable side effect.  SO, get 7 to 8 hours sleep every night to avoid these problems!
  3. Balance your exercise.  It’s important to do a mix of both cardio AND weightlifting.  Whilst it’s true that cardio is an efficient method of burning fat, if you do too much (especially if you’re on a caloric deficit) you can expect a decrease in strength and muscle mass.  So remember, even if your goal is to be smaller – you should still lift weights to at least maintain a healthy level of muscle mass.  This will improve your overall body composition.
  4. Manage your carbohydrates.  Don’t cut carbs out entirely, just don’t gorge!  Contrary to popular belief, you can still loose weight efficiently whilst eating carbohydrates – remember it’s all calories in v.s. calories out.  The next time you cook dinner, just increase the amount of vegetables on your plate and reduce the amount of carbs.  If you eat no carbs whatsoever, you’ll feel drained, miserable and grumpy the whole day AND you’ll most likely cave in to the mother of all cravings a few days later and eat a tonne of crisps, ice cream and sweets.
  5. Plan your meals.  Don’t guess what you should or shouldn’t be eating.  Find out your daily caloric requirements and build a weekly meal plan around them.  For fat loss your diet should be made up of about 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat (healthy fats – the ones found in nuts, advocados, olive oil etc).

Good luck everyone!