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For those less sure what their goals are, I offer several focused programmes. These can be customised to suit your schedule, needs and budget. As with anything, information is vital to making a decision so don’t hesitate to Contact me for a consultation.
Here are some examples of
my most popular programmes:

Popular Programmes

1 Stone Shredder

This programme is popular among men and women who are about a stone overweight. It will see you gain muscle and lose weight simultaneously. You will see in the region of 1-2 lbs fat loss per week resulting in 2-5 inches leaving your waistline within the first month alone! This programme is not just about losing 1 stone, you can also expect to see a dramatic boost in strength over a 2-3 month period.

Fat Loss Mastery

This programme is for people who need to lose 2+ stone. It specifically focuses on weight loss, however you will also see a boost in cardiovascular fitness and strength. You can expect to lose half a stone of fat per month, but many clients often lose more due to the nature of this program.

Muscle and Strength Gainer

This programme is for people who want to gain muscle and strength as quickly as possible. You will undergo a rigorous weight training regime which will result in a considerable improvement in strength and muscle mass.

Advanced Programmes

Competitive Athlete

This programme is for keen sports players. You will be given an exercise plan designed to improve speed, acceleration, power and agility. This is the perfect exercise regime to gain a physical edge against your competitors.

Body Sculptor

This programme is primarily for people who already carry a good level of muscle mass and have a relatively low body fat percentage. It focuses on training both major and minor muscle groups with the intention of sculpting the most aesthetically pleasing body possible (e.g. sculpted abs, small waist, broad back and shoulders).
Have fun
Living in London can be stressful so it’s important to unwind when you get the chance. Exercise really doesn't have to be a chore - if approached with the correct mindset and attitude there are only positives to take away!
“The most important thing about getting into shape is to enjoy yourself! Whilst a new diet plan, exercise regime and overall fitness agenda may seem daunting at first, when you train with me and start seeing the results you want, you’ll find the process loads of fun!” - Tom Blackett