What my clients say

Mel & Jade
(Money Advice Service)

Tom is a very friendly trainer but also very motivating, and not afraid to push us to do that little bit more, to the point that many of us have exceeded our own expectations. He’s tailored the class to our specific needs, and has also been flexible in terms of catering for different levels of ability and strength, as well as creatively using the limited space we have to best effect. Andy, the only male attendee so far, says: ‘As the only bloke in the group, and someone more used to running around a football pitch, I wasn’t sure it’d be the right thing for me. I needn’t have worried. Tom put us all at ease straight away and he is always watching out to make sure I am doing everything right to protect my dodgy back.’ There’s also definitely something to be said for having a trainer come in to the office - there are fewer excuses not to turn up!

I’ve done personal training before, but I’ve had more success with Tom than ever before. He offers a total approach - concentrating not only on cardio and compound exercises but focusing on nutrition with an eye on the mental approach to achieving your goal. Professional, punctual, thorough, supportive - I couldn’t recommend his training highly enough.

Jon Sen

I have been training with Tom just over six months and he’s genuinely a miracle worker. From having zero motivation to get fit, Tom has completely changed my mentality and given me a passion for training and getting in shape. He’s enthusiastic, helpful and always there if you need tips or just a kick up the bum to get you back on track. This isn’t just a job for him it’s a passion and that really shows through in every session. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs that extra support to really achieve their fitness goals.

Robbie Platt

I have used personal trainers in the past and Tom is by far the best person I have ever trained with. He is fantastic! As a health professional I understand the importance of bespoke exercise programmes. I have a hip problem and was pretty out of shape but Tom designed a personalised programme that has helped me get stronger , loose weight and increase flexibility without aggravating my hip. Tom challenges and motivates me ( in a nice , not too bossy way!) to try new exercises and weights under his expert supervision. I have surprised myself with my ability to meet new goals. I love the flexibility of having some sessions at home and others at Lift as it helps mix things up and provides variety . It is obvious that Tom loves his job, he is a consummate professional, he is always punctual ,has impeccable manners and is a great communicator and teacher. I highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a gifted young trainer to help them turn their fitness goals into reality.

Bernadette Porter MBE

I have trained with Tom for more than 50 sessions. He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push. He is always thinking of ways to improve and help me to achieve my fitness goals. Highest recommendation.

Sam Ru

Going to the gym always bored me and filled me with dread. For starters, I didn’t know what half of the machines were for nor what exercises I should be doing. Last November, I took the plunge and reached out to various personal trainers. Tom was one of a few in the Islington/Shoreditch area that got back to me. After one taster session I was sold. Tom is exactly what you are looking for in a personal trainer. He adapts to your needs and your schedule, brings a fantastic level of enthusiasm to each session and takes an honest interest in your goals thinking of ways that suit your personality to achieve them. He does not have a one model fits all approach that I feel many trainers have. Most importantly, Tom has helped me achieved in 6 months what I never thought I could! While I still don’t have the gym bug, going to sessions with Tom don’t feel like a burden but more like a gym session with a friend (who pushes you hard). I would recommend signing up with Tom any day!

Claudia Urquiola

Having not undertaken any exercise since leaving school (in 1991!) I was quite hesitant about starting again... Tom has been excellent, put me at ease, he's intuitive and encouraging, stays in contact 'outside of hours' and has helped enormously with diet and nutrition... Certainly not the chore I expected it to be, really look forward to the sessions, and my friends are already commenting on the bigger arms! Well recommended!

Jeff Clifton

I've only recently started personal training with Tom - but what I've seen so far is impressive!. Tom's a great teacher and very approachable which makes his sessions fun and something to look forward to. I'm now getting the hang of the exercises he's been teaching me and am also seeing some improvements in my body. Would definitely recommend him.

Kate Andrews

I asked Tom to give me a hard time, and he certainly did just that! He’s kept me motivated and excited about exercise. Helping me become stronger, fitter and healthier, giving me confidence in my everyday life. I can’t recommend Tom enough, I just wish he’d buy some new t-shirts!

Tom King

Having recently recovered from injury, I needed someone who would take the trouble to design a programme specifically for me. Tom has not only done that, but has also given me the confidence I needed to get back to the gym. The sessions are never dull and - in contrast to other trainers I’ve used in the past - I find I actively look forward to them. I am confident my injury will soon be a distant memory.

Nigel Hankin

Tom Blackett's training has helped me love keeping fit again. I hadn't done any real exercise for years and was in desperate need of motivation. I have an erratic schedule as a fashion stylist and don't always have the time to go to a gym. Tom offers a flexible schedule and comes to where I am for a very reasonable price. He keeps things interesting by changing my routines every time I see him. I've already lost 10 lbs and a few inches all over and we're only on our 12th session! I would recommend his training to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun doing it.

Wendy Quintana

Tom has been training me for a little over a year, the strength and fitness gains I've made in that time have been incredible. Tom made me a fitness programme which he tailored to what i wanted to acheieve. I found the programmes enjoyable and rewarding, if one ever became stale or progress slowed he tweaked the existing one so that I could maximize my potential. Classes with Tom are not only rewarding but also so much fun!

Joshua Harris

Tom has been my personal trainer for the last 9 months and I highly recommend him! He is extremely knowledgeable and will tailor our sessions based on what I want to achieve. Since starting with Tom not only have I lost weight but I feel healthier with more energy and motivation. Tom knows exactly how to get the most out of you while still making every session enjoyable!

Nicole Elliott

Tom is an amazing trainer - easy to deal with, organised, responsive, goes out of his way to help and, most importantly, he gets great results. Plus he's a nice guy! Couldn't ask for anything more from a trainer (and I've tried a few in my time).

Cameron Roper

Tom is knowledgeable, professional and relaxed so exercising with him is always a lot of fun. I'm currently aiming to get fit for next years London marathon so it's comforting knowing that Tom's programme will maximise the efficiency of my training. Fitness is now less of a hassle and I'm enjoying living a healthier lifestyle. Cheers Tom!

Marion Dusek

I would highly recommend Tom. He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced PT and fun to work with. Tom really helped make exercise and training become a core part of my lifestyle, rather than an after-thought, and this has had a big impact on my success.

James Snowdon

He's more than helped me achieve my goals and really pushes you to your peak. I honestly couldn't recommend him enough.

Chris Emmerson

I have been training with Tom for about a year when I wanted to get toned for my wedding which we achieved. Now that I am pregnant he has done a tone of research on the type of exercises that are appropriate which is helping me keep fit and healthy. I have always struggled to find motivation to train regularly but have managed to get into a good routine since I met Tom. We work out once a week and he sends me exercises to do at home which I can easily fit in to a busy week. All in all he is a fantastic PT and can't recommend him enough!

Eugenia Nunez Villaveiran
Tom is a wonderful PT! I've been working with him for well over a year now and couldn't think of training with anyone else. I have a bit of a special health condition and since the start he's been extremely dedicated to learning more about it and tailoring our sessions perfectly to accommodate my difficulties and needs, whilst still making me work hard. He's attentive, nice and professional - always on time. I couldn't recommend Tom enough! Marianna Brito