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Anna Richards
Anna Richards
TomPT is a bit of a legend in our house! My husband persuaded me to have a trial session after he had amazing results with Tom and I’m really glad I did (I’d never set foot in a gym previously except to swim). Tom is an absolute professional, he really knows his stuff and is super encouraging while taking care to make sure you do the exercises correctly and safely and pushing you just the right amount. I never thought working out could be a pleasant experience but I really do look forward to our sessions. I have 100% confidence in Tom’s training methods and would recommend him to anyone whatever your fitness goals. Thank you Tom!
21:18 07/26/21
Ned Helme
Ned Helme
Tom is a fantastic personal trainer. He is expert, encouraging and companionable. Very highly recommended.
10:55 06/27/21
M. L.
M. L.
Tom is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about performance fitness that it's infectious - I am someone who struggles to run 5k, but through week after week of well-planned, incremental training, I can feel myself getting stronger and dreaming about taking on longer hikes and bigger athletic challenges :) Plus he's just a really great guy to talk to so the sessions (almost) whizz by (he is still a tough taskmaster!). Highly recommend
16:52 06/21/21
Theofani Chalkiadaki
Theofani Chalkiadaki
Tom is the best! The training schedule and nutrition plan that he suggested to me a few months back has worked amazingly well for me. We may put all the effort but we certainly need the guidance. And Tom is so good at what he does. He has been so supportive, he is super knowledgable, flexible and overall a great guy. I would recommend Tom as a personal trainer with my eyes closed. :)
20:30 05/11/21
Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts
Tom helped take my training to a new level. He's super knowledgeable about both nutrition and form. He leads from the front too, which was a must for me.Cheers Tom
10:37 09/20/20

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